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All of the work we do is on children’s behalf, driven by our mission and vision, and the values we hold in common.


our mission

what we stand for today

Our mission of CASA of Lewis & Clark and Broadwater Counties is to provide volunteer advocates to work on behalf of abused and neglected children to promote their best interests in the pursuit of safe, permanent homes.

our vision

what we desire for tomorrow

We envision that every child in the First Judicial District court system will have a Court Appointed Special Advocate to speak out and give them a voice, and provide what they believe is in the best interest of the child to the judges who appoint them.

our values

ideals we share in common


We seek opportunities, embrace challenges, and accept changes that will improve our work supporting the children of CASA. We are willing to adapt our thinking and behavior to address the changing conditions around us. 

  • Maintaining productivity despite the occurrence of unknown situations 
  • Thinking innovatively and outside perceived boundaries to solve a problem 
  • Making quick and effective decisions when confronted with challenges and crises 

We collaborate with our board, local programs, and other stakeholders to effectively and creatively carry out our mission. We see each other as allies on whom we can rely for support. In the face of difficulties, we remain a team. 

  • Maintaining the environment of teamwork and growth 
  • Being considerate of other points of view when working in a team to accomplish a specific goal 
  • Communicating openly up, down, and across the organization 

We are committed to being responsive, respectful, honest, fair, and humane. We address problems directly with each other immediately. We express appreciation and recognize a job well done. 

  • Honoring our commitments 
  • Adhering to the highest professional standards 
  • Being accountable to our stakeholders for our actions, successes, and failures 
  • Operating legally and ethically, contributing our time, resources, and know-how to improve the organization and benefit those served by the network 

We respect and celebrate diversity in all of its forms, understand that it affects all aspects of our work at National CASA/GAL, and strive to be inclusive and welcoming. 

  • Giving due Respect to self and others 
  • Fostering a trusting, open, and inclusive environment at all levels within the organization 
  • Being conscious of the dynamics inherent when cultures interact 
  • Managing the dynamics of difference and acquiring and institutionalizing cultural knowledge 

We pursue excellence in everything we do to support our member network in providing the best advocacy for abused and neglected children. We evaluate our work and strive for continuous improvement. 

  • Putting the heart and mind in our work to get the best results 
  • Continually striving to increase our individual and collective professional knowledge and skills and to apply them to our work supporting local programs 
  • Working hard, celebrating our successes, and learning from our failures 
  • Benchmarking our work and adopting best practices across the network 

We believe that each employee has an integral role in delivering excellent service to our network of local programs, our donors, to each other, and our stakeholders. We listen and respond to the needs of our network, each other, and our stakeholders. 

  • Being efficient and effective in our approach to generating the best solution each time 
  • Giving the best world-class service and achieving excellence each passing day 
  • Acting with integrity at all times, providing quality service, being reliable and responsible to our stakeholders 

We operate from a common purpose, doing what is best for the organization, the CASA/GAL network, and its stakeholders. We are faithful to our mission, vision, and values and endeavor to achieve long-term financial sustainability—careful and responsible management of all the financial and human resources we are entrusted with to advance our organization’s mission. 

  • Upholding the National CASA/GAL Association Mission, Vision, and Values 
  • Valuing sustainable progress as much as immediate achievements in developing long term programmatic and financial partnerships 
  • Taking ownership of organizational and stakeholder success 
  • Building a better, stronger, and more durable organization 
  • Exercising a high level of transparency around the financial resources we have been entrusted to manage 

Having a caring adult advocate for their best interest can make a lasting difference for a child who’s been neglected or abused.