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Having a caring adult advocate for their best interest will influence a child who’s been neglected or abused, making a lasting difference.

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make a lasting difference

CASAs speak out for the best interests of children who have been removed from their homes.

  • They interview parents, teachers, foster families, counselors, and the child. With this information, they submit reports to the court. Judges can then make more informed decisions about what is in the best interests of the child. 
  • They speak out for the best interests of children who have been removed from their homes. Their goals are to ensure each child has a safe and permanent home, give them a voice, and advocate for their safety and needs. 
  • Children with CASA advocates are likely to spend less time in foster care, they are less likely to be bounced from home to home, and more likely to do better in school. They are half as likely to re-enter the foster care system.

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“CASA volunteers play a unique role on behalf of some of our most vulnerable children. Their commitment, vigilance and persistence offer hope where there has been little.” 

marian wright edelman

Founder, Children's Defense Fund

the problem

an overwhelmed system

  • Child welfare systems are in a state of crisis, partly due to the devastating opioid epidemic. 
  • More than 440,000 children are in foster care on any given day. As of 2019, Montana counted 3,772 children in the system. 
  • The average child in foster care spends more than a year in care.

the solution

COMMUNITY advocates

  • Volunteer advocates are screened, trained and supported by CASA/GAL program staff. 
  • CASA/GAL volunteers form a one-on-one relationship with a child and get a full picture of the case. 
  • Judges depend on CASA volunteers for critical information to help them make the most well-informed decisions. 

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Whether your interest is in giving financial support, your time, or your voice, there are many ways to get involved.