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Your gift will help CASA, and our volunteers be there for children who need someone by their side. Donations help recruit, train, and support volunteer advocates. Serving every child is possible. But we can’t do it alone.


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Our Giving Program

voices for kids

Imagine you’re a kid again.

now imagine you’re a kid in foster care . . .

You’ve left behind everything familiar to you. Your parents, your home, your school, and possibly even brothers and sisters.

You’re in an unfamiliar place with new adults, and even they keep changing. You have new caseworkers, foster parents, teachers… and you never know when they’ll change again. That’s where a CASA volunteer comes in.

CASA Advocates are a constant positive presence, bringing a sense of normalcy to children during what may be the most traumatic time of their lives. They are always looking out for the best interest of the children they serve.

will you Be a constant for kids as well?

By joining Voices for Kids, our monthly giving club, you will provide constant support for kids who have been abused or neglected.

Making a monthly pledge is an easy way to support 60+ CASA Advocates working on behalf of over 180 local children involved in dependent neglect cases.

Regardless of how much you can spare, monthly giving allows you to make a powerful and long-lasting impact in our community.  

Since your recurring contributions add up over time, you help provide weeks, months, and years of essential assistance and resources to the incredible children we serve. 

“Our commitment to CASA comes from pure gratitude. They brought our daughter her 6-month old baby. With patience and love, CASA put arms around our whole family through all the fears that accompany fostering, and after 811 days, celebrated with us his adoption. We make our modest monthly donation wanting even one other child to bring this experience to another forever family.”

nancy a.

Member, Voices for Kids

voices for kids

how donations are used

Your contribution to Voices for Kids allows us to:

    • recruit the most qualified, capable, and committed volunteers
    • thoroughly screen all applicants via interviews and background checks
    • offer training classes and continuing for advocates
    • provide professional case management and supervision of advocates
    • evaluate advocates and program effectiveness

Through best-interest advocacy, our volunteers make life-changing differences in our most vulnerable children.